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Hello to everyone who has decided to have a quick look at my blog, I hope you will enjoy reading it.


Irina Petrova (Irisha) was born in 1978 in the Siberian town of “Irkutsk”. Irkutsk is situated next to “Lake Baikal”, which is one of the world's largest and deepest lakes containing 20% of the planets fresh water. Lake Baikal is also home to many species of plants and wildlife found nowhere else on Earth.
It was this environment, along with her inborn artistic skills that gave Irisha her true love of nature and the desire to become a professional artist.

Irisha inherited her artistic and design skills from her late father who was a designer of military aircraft and a leading member of the design team involved in the development of the renowned MiG-29 Soviet fighter plane.

She moved to England in 2008 and this finally gave Irisha the chance to realise her childhood dream of becoming a professional artist.

Irina Petrova, although self-taught, is a naturally talented and gifted young artist.
Irisha's inherent love of nature, cultivated from her Siberian childhood is reflected in all her work and is available today to inspire and delight us.



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